Lee Brandie, Managing Director

Lee Brandie

Job Title:
Managing Director

Star sign:

Tell us about your role:
A focus of mine is making sure we are profitable and have enough people looking to build a relationship with us. I also spend most of my time looking towards the future and understanding where we go next. The world around us is changing and the team here are very focussed on helping make that change.

What do you like best about agency life?
Working with nutters! We have a few here but that’s what makes working life so great.

What do you uphold as the most iconic brand & why?
This is a near impossible question to answer. There are so many great brands out there doing great things. I’d have to say Amazon, Google, Tesla, NASA and closer to home, Dyson – they are all making significant progress in developing automation, AI and experiential technologies. I can’t wait to see what happens in this space over the next few years.

Favourite ad ever:
This is a tough question, but there was one that changed the way I looked at advertising. It was Thursday 5th May 2004, I was sitting in my flat with a few of my friends when this flashed up on my screen:

An advert about the very last episode of the TV show, Friends – normally aired on a Friday.

I got very excited with this, so clever and yet, so simple. The worrying thing is that none of my friends really understood how clever it was. Maybe it’s just me. Small things please small minds 😉

Guilty pleasure:

When I’m not at work you can find me:
Who’s never at work though??

Best advice in your chosen discipline:
Don’t confuse ability over capability

Currently listening to:

Most inspired by (in industry/business):
What inspires me in business is human belief. I have the pleasure in working with/for some great people. People that have no fear and freedom of thought. It’s really infectious.

Tell us something we might not know about you:
I can hold my breath for 89 seconds.

Best advice you’d give your younger self:
Don’t be in a rush to get to the end. Enjoy the steps.

Contact me on: linkedin.com/in/leebrandie

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