Wired Studio – A Growth Agency

Wired Studio is a Growth Agency. A Growth Agency is an agency, which supports organisations with commercial strategy, sales and marketing techniques and executes brand strategies through innovative creative on sales and marketing platforms.

Companies at different stages in the business cycle will require different things from an agency. A start up will require an identity, defined selling messages and a consistent look and message. A business in the growth stages requires structure, consistency and fulfillment support. For organisations that have reached maturity or are heading into decline, growth is about efficiencies, and having the ability to look inwards and understand where efficiencies can be made and where successes have been.

Often organisations will require the design and development of a website which will lead them to engage with a creative agency. In a Growth Agency before any work commences on design we first ask the question “What is the real need?”

A website is not a need, a website is a solution to the need to drive additional enquiries into the business, increase brand awareness or support business development efforts. It is important to first establish the real need of the organisation before deciding what design work should take place.

An organisation may have the goal of increasing enquiries into the business and feel a website is the optimal way to do this. A Growth Agency will first discover whether this is in fact true. If there is no search volumes relevant to the business then a website will not meet the need set out. It may be more practical and cost effective for the organisation to identify their target audience and prepare a direct mail campaign with a direct response selling message to drive new enquiries into the business. This will be a choice outlined and discussed before any design work takes place.

The aim of an agency is to help organisations deliver the right message to the right market. If the organisation is not well informed about their market a Growth Agency will research the market and help teams understand how they can position themselves optimally to increase sales. Wired Studio will review competitors in the market, market trends and market forecasts to make informed, evidenced based decisions about how best to move businesses forward.

With creativity at our heart Wired Studio know how to capture the attention of audiences through intelligent design and use the data provided by the strategic team to optimally structure and deliver marketing platforms both on and offline.

Attention to detail is as data driven as the marketing itself and website usability and graphic design have become evidence based design.

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