Claire MacIntyre, Marketing Director


Claire MacIntyre

Job Title:

Marketing Director

Star sign:


Tell us about your role:

My role at Wired Studio is twofold. As marketing director, I lead the team and work with clients, offering advice and guidance on their marketing strategies. I am also responsible for the strategic vision of the department and continually work to bring new theories and ideas that will support long term business growth for our clients.

What do you like best about agency life?

Every day we meet and speak to new people with interesting business ideas and support them to make their ideas a reality. I feel like we make a little history every day that we come together to do this.

What do you uphold as the most iconic brand & why?

Zappos – an online shoe retailer founded by Tony Hsieh. The company was founded on the belief that a particular organisational culture will deliver business success. Zappos removed the staff hierarchy within the organisation, eliminating managers. In the early days of the organisation, at the end of each training session, new team members were offered $1000 to leave the organisation, with the aim of testing loyalty to the company values over pursuit of wealth.

When I’m not at work you can find me:

At home in the country.

Best advice in your chosen discipline:

Marketing is constantly changing; you can have an idea or campaign than can materially change all current thinking on the topic. Understand the worth of your own thoughts.

Currently listening to:

I’m always listening to American country music!

Most inspired by (in industry/business):

Entrepreneurs. At one time running a business was reserved for a select group of the elite. Today anyone with an idea and a dream can find the tools to get their message out to market and build a business for themselves.

Tell us something we might not know about you:

When I was 18 I spent 3 months working on a private members island called Rattlesnake Island. The island is located in the centre of Lake Eerie.

Best advice you’d give your younger self:

Be patient. Every step holds a purpose.

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