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Callum Euan Hopkins


Callum Euan Hopkins

Star Sign:

Ziggy Startdust once signed my chest…

Agency life:

I like a lot of things about it. I like the banter, the chill out atmosphere, I like meeting clients and working with them on producing a solution that exactly fits their needs. I like being the first in the office in the morning so I can move other folk’s things and see if the notice throughout the day that they’ve moved…


Monopoly. That game has not changed one bit since it’s invention. People say LEGO is the greatest toy brand, but LEGO has always had to adapt and change over the years to stay trendy. Monopoly hasn’t had to change itself very much at all. You can still pick up an original game board and the experience would be the exact same as if you used a modern board. Except if it has Bombay or Saigon as somewhere you can buy – that would show its age…

Favourite ad ever:

Either Beagle Street’s Jeans advert/adverts. Beagle Street’s advert is brilliantly funny and really does hit home that life insurance isn’t about you, it’s about looking after those who rely on you everyday and would need help if something happened to you.

My other is Netflix’s Watch Responsibly ad series. Anyone who has Netflix has watched ahead secretly, I’ve done it a few times. It highlights the addiction of being able to skip the cliffhangers that became traditional in big drama series and jump straight to the end of a TV series. Was such a good advert, especially the part when… or maybe you should just watch the advert yourself…

Guilty Pleasure:

Watching Adventure Time or We Bare Bears on Cartoon Network. I’m a big kid at heart.

When not at work:

Home, pub or online.

Best advice:

Care about what you do. If you don’t care about your work, you won’t push yourself to make something great.

Currently listening to:

Milk Teeth, Owning Your Okayness

Most Inspired by:

Not getting sacked.

Probably for my kid. I want to be really good at what I do so they’re proud of my job. I suck at everything else, so being good at my job will give them something to not be embarrassed about with me.

Tell us something:

I have a doppelganger in Hull who is on Hull police’s top 10 most wanted list, he’s wanted on a theft charge. Probably for stealing my name…

Advice for younger self:

Buy shares in Facebook before you leave High School, like a lot of shares. And buy some in Snapchat when it gets made. You’ll thank me later on in life.

How to get into your industry:

Open up Textedit or Notepad and start copy and pasting parts from your favourite websites.

Contact me on:

Come read my stupid random rants on twitter: @caleuanhopkins or email me: [email protected]

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