Sarah Bremner, PR Director

Name: Sarah Bremner

AKA: Brems, Mrs B or Sweara (I will let you figure that one out!)

Star sign: Aries

Tell us about your role: I am the PR Director at Wired Studio so work with clients to gain press and on-line coverage for their brand or business. I can often be heard quizzing clients and have been told a meeting with me is like the Spanish inquisition! I am always looking for the best news angle. I am also Account Manager for a host of clients and ensure they are kept updated with work schedules and project delivery time and deal with production so any print requirements they may have.

What do you like best about agency life: For me it’s twofold – variety and pace. The latter can be challenging but it’s all I have ever known, as every job I have had has been agency so I am used to dealing with up to 20 clients at a time! Variety is the spice of life they say? Dependent on what day it is you need to switch your hat pretty quickly – whether you are talking and writing about education, food, recruitment or oil and gas, you gather a diverse sector knowledge….always good for a pub quiz!

What do you uphold as the most iconic brand & why: I would have to say the fashion brand Levi’s, the little red tag has certainly stood the test of time. The 164-year-old brand has re-invented itself on several occasions to move with the times. I was lucky enough to work with the team when engineered jeans were taken to market in 2002. The multi award winning campaign for its ‘Twisted To Fit’ range of jeans included an iconic ad of two people running through the walls of their apartment building and finding a brave new world. The cultural impact the brand has had on society is vast, from miners to cowboys to lumberjacks, to Albert Einstein, whose leather jacket from the 30’s sold at auction at Christie’s for £110,500!

Favourite ad ever: Nike ‘Rise and Shine’ – I get goosebumps when I watch it, it is the ultimate motivational sports ad!

Guilty pleasure: Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread in a jar and Michael Bolton! *queue street cred leaving the room!

When I’m not at work you can find me: Running 26.2 miles for fun and enjoying family time with my husband and two daughters

Best advice in your chosen discipline: Never give ‘no comment’. Always go back to press with a statement, especially in a crisis comms situation. As long as they know something is coming and you keep journalists updated it will stop comments/quotes coming from others and enable you to keep control

Currently listening to: James Blake – Retrograde

Most inspired by (in industry/business): In industry, aside from the Wired team! my old bosses Raoul Shah and Tim Bourne of Exposure, a communications company which I had my first job at in London. They have now built a global agency which has offices in New York and Tokyo and an amazing client base which they have retained since I worked there. Their clients include Converse, Levi’s, Coca-Cola and Dr Martens. They were fashion mavericks and trail blazers for the use of social influencers for fashion brands. In business, definitely Warren Buffett. He is such a grounded man given his financial value and has invested billions of pounds into charitable foundations to give back.

Tell us something we might not know about you: I speak backwards…I t’nod wonk yhw I nac, I tsuj nac! And I’ve ran 7 marathons….soon to be 8 after Stirling.

Best advice you’d give your younger self: Be bold! Be confident in your convictions. Many people still have a perception that with youth comes limited knowledge. This is now so far from the truth, the millennial generation are at the forefront of software, on-line content and how to harness it. A very powerful tool for brands.

How to get into your industry role: Try and secure a work placement or give some voluntary time to an agency to show you’re willing. Be eager to learn, listen, support the team and come with ideas! I started this way with Exposure and secured a full-time job as a result.

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