Lynsey Shepherd, Head of Content & Social Media

Name: Lynsey Shepherd

AKA: Shep / Sheps / Sheppy

Star sign: Gemini

Tell us about your role:

While most people would get disciplined for sitting on social media all day (and all evening), it’s pretty much what I get to do for a living! The role of social media for B2B and B2C clients is something that has to be carefully considered – it’s hard work and really fast paced but fascinating. I am responsible for setting and fulfilling client social media strategies through the creation of engaging written, video and photographic content. This involves a lot of research, reviewing of data and active engagement through social listening in order to get a strategy just right. Ultimately these strategies increase brand awareness, drive traffic to a website, advocate sales and encourage brand loyalty.

I am also responsible for writing a wide range of content for my clients, which predominantly includes the creation of compelling blog content, web content and other wording for supporting marketing materials. If someone needs words for something I am on hand to help!

From time-to-time I also continue to facilitate traditional PR for a range of clients in a wide range of sectors. This was the starting point of my career so it’s still good to be immersed in company news and feature writing, and really rewarding when you see the content online or in print.

What do you like best about agency life:

It has to be the range of projects you get to work on. One minute you could be working with multinational oil and gas client and the next you might be creating content for an entrepreneur or a well known high-street brand. Each has a unique journey towards success and it’s nice to get to be a part of that.

What do you uphold as the most iconic brand & why:

For me it has to be Adidas – the iconic three stripes or trefoil. It certainly has stood the test of time, having been registered in 1949 and quickly becoming an instantly recognisable household name. Made exceptionally famous during the Britpop era, I don’t think it’s really disappeared. What makes Adidas clever is the brand’s ability to adapt for different demographics – the athlete, the street wear market and the younger generation by developing sub brands and introducing celebrity collaborations, which keeps it fresh and relatable.

Favourite ad ever:

This is too hard, but here’s one that I really like – the Lloyds anniversary advert because of the way it is filmed and the emotion behind it:

Guilty pleasure:

Espresso Martinis and Alex Mytton (Made in Chelsea) / Ant Middleton (Mutiny / SAS – Who Dares Wins)


When I’m not at work you can find me:

Walking up munros, practicing yoga, blogging, horse riding, making cakes, snowboarding, glamping/camping or dancing at a music festival.

Best advice in your chosen discipline:

Watch as many webinars and join online forums as you can. Things are evolving every day and it’s important that you stay ahead of the game.

Currently listening to:

Anything by Jamie XX, Coldplay, Oasis or Noel Gallagher

Most inspired by (in industry/business):

My dad. His creativity and skill as a graphic designer, artist, illustrator and calligrapher is astounding. He’s worked with some amazing brands over the years such as Glenfarclas Whisky and Baxters. He once took me under his wing for work experience at 16 years old and it was then that I decided I wanted to work for a creative agency.

Tell us something we might not know about you:

I write a personal blog called Little Papertales about travelling and hillwalking (mainly around Scotland). I love to find quirky places to stay and writing about my adventures along the way, while improving my fitness…


which brings me on to the next point….I also had a serious horse riding accident in March 2015 – my horse bolted and I hit the yard wall at flat out gallop, resulting in a broken right ankle and right arm. This meant I ended up in a wheelchair for two months and had crutches for almost a whole year. It was a very humbling experience but luckily I’ve made a full recovery minus a small limp. It hasn’t stopped me from wanting to get back on…..but don’t tell the boss!

Best advice you’d give your younger self:

Have a thick skin. Not everyone you will encounter in business is lovely. But if you can be strong, be polite, stand your ground and backup your decisions you will go far and be respected.

How to get into your industry role:

Lots of people think they can just walk into a marketing / social media / PR role but you really need a sound understanding of consumer psychology, must have a flair for the written word and need a solid understanding of many different communication principles. I went to Robert Gordon University and did an undergraduate honours degree in Corporate Communication. The courses have changed a little since then, but it would now be a choice between BA (Hons) in Public Relations or Media, depending on the route you want to go down. North East Scotland College also does an access course on Media and Communication.

Contact me on:

[email protected]

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