My first six months at Wired Studio, by Stacy Edghill – Head of Business Growth

Hi everyone, I’m Stacy and I started here at Wired Studio at the beginning of April, 2nd to be exact, and I thought now would be a good time to update you on how it’s gone (whizzing past is the short answer) and what I’ve learned, what I still have to learn etc…

Week one was by far the most exhausting, but very exciting too. Day one we all went out for lunch and by the end of it I felt I’d gotten to know everyone. Great start! We also went out to the Northsound Workplace of the Year quiz night for some team bonding, but the less said about that the better (#losers)! There on in it was some initial learning about the business, getting to know my colleagues a bit more and letting my network know I’d joined the company. For me this was via LinkedIn and emailing some of my existing contacts. Well – it just exploded after that! I always underestimate the power of a good network and boy do I have one. From that point on I have been inundated with people wanting to meet up and find out more.

This is what I tell them – we are a Growth Agency. Why ‘growth’ and not ‘creative’, or ‘marketing’? Well we get right into what’s required for our clients to grow commercially – mostly by digital marketing means. We look at their website, the mechanics behind it, performance, their competitors etc… and we make suggestions and put a plan in place to correct (if required) to attract and retain more traffic. Then we will look at their social media plan and do the same due diligence with the same required results – growth.

We look at all aspects when doing this – creatives, design, content, frequency, direction, destination. Nothing is left to chance and for someone who is a self-confessed “logical numbers” person it’s brilliant. I can tell potential clients that we will be able to better control the return on their marketing investment by using data to make decisions.
It’s amazing!

I have learnt that this can be done in any industry or type of business. We have clients ranging from (but not limited to) – e-commerce, schools, oil & gas, training, charity, hospitality – the list is long!

We still do ‘traditional marketing’ as well – PR, advertising, design, brochures and print etc…, however these, for us, usually perform better as part of an overall campaign of which we will build into the strategy when required.

I have always professed to having not one creative bone in my body. I am Stacy. I am black and white. Logical. I like things which have a definitive answer, like I said before. Maybe I was being too harsh on myself, or maybe that was me, but since being here and around creative people I find myself coming up with ideas too. My own ideas!

One of them is around a passion of mine and is a new service which we are soon going to be offering (watch this space…). I think before I have always been happy with a process and to work with just the tools I have been given. Whilst I wouldn’t say at all that anyone I worked for before wouldn’t have been open to any suggestions, I was just never able to come up with any. This is an exciting development for me and one where I can say that I can actually see myself evolving already. What a great position to be in within six months.

The Wired Studio strapline is ‘a place where strategic thinking and creativity meet’ and everyone here has a voice. Maybe it’s working in a small place (I’ve only ever worked for large companies with lots and lots of departments and procedure upon procedure), or maybe it’s just the culture of a really great team but in here the philosophy is that no idea is a bad idea. Everyone listens and then usually that idea grows into something even better.

So, I also told you that I’d let you know what I still have to learn. I don’t really know is the answer, but also loads! Whenever I take a colleague with me to a meeting I learn something else. Not that I will ever be able to do the job they do (why would I, that’s what they are there for), but six months ago I couldn’t have told you much about why your website or social media wasn’t ranking or performing well and now I have a good basis to start with. SEO, Google AdWords, link building, mobile vs. desktop, content planning, content strategy, social media strategy… I can have that conversation now, but with changes in the industry happening so frequently I think I’ll be learning continually, and thank goodness we have a team here who knows what they are talking about!

I could go on and on, but you’ll then think I’m being paid for this 🙂 It’s an ace place to work, the team is ace, and I’d love to chat to anyone who wants to listen to me a bit more so if that’s you then give me a shout and come and join me for a coffee on our funky yellow couch!

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