Content Marketing & PR

Our expert team work alongside your business to identify how and why your different types of content will be created, managed and shared to effectively reach your current and future prospects. To do this, we have to think about what the content hopes to achieve by understanding vision, identifying and setting specific SMART goals, such as improved conversion rate or an increase in organic search traffic, identifying a voice and style, as well as identifying your target customers or personas.

By doing so, we can ensure you are communicating the right message to the right prospects and nurturing your relationship with them correctly so that they learn to trust your business, buy or interact with you, before becoming advocates of your product, brand or service.

Our team also continually evaluates, assesses and adjusts content in order for businesses to get the best from their content marketing strategies.

Content Strategy and Consultancy can be offered as a one-off project or on a monthly retained basis depending on your business needs.

To speak to our teams in Aberdeen or London about content marketing and PR please contact us.