Words are extremely powerful, holding a strong influence over the actions your prospects take online and offline. If your copy isn’t up to scratch, it’s likely that your potential customers will struggle to take you seriously.

The team at Wired Studio will work closely with you or your business to curate engaging, creative content that will make your product or service stand out. Copywriting for the digital world is our speciality and our teams have worked across many sectors to deliver engaging, top-ranking content for B2B and B2C websites that entices customers towards conversion without them even knowing it. We work hard to envisage what the customer wants and strike an authentic blend of information, education, entertainment and advice to deliver you the best possible results online.  For more information about a larger content marketing strategy please visit our content marketing section.

Offline content is where we honed our original skills. From ad script writing to marketing collateral copywriting or newsletter content, our copywriters will put themselves in your customers’ shoes and devise the right messaging within your brand tone or voice for a wide range of offline requirements.

To speak to our teams in Aberdeen or London about copywriting for your organisation please contact us.