Search Engine Marketing

The search engines offer mathematical certainties, a website ranked in first position will receive an average of 34% of visits, a website ranked in second will receive 24% of visits and a website ranked in third will receive 10% of visits. Being ranked highly in the search engines is a key business aim and is achieved via paid search or organic search marketing.

Paid Search:

Paid search advertising includes Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and display and content advertising. PPC is an auction-based system used to buy top positions in the search engines and display and content advertising offer relevant ad positioning on top global websites. Success of paid search strategies are heavily rooted in data analysis, and because of the mathematical certainties that are offered, our teams can show accurate forecasts and model advertising spend in theory before any money is spent in practice.

Organic Search:

Search engine marketing was once a game of keywords; this element of the strategy is now captured in a content marketing and social strategy. What remains is on-page search engine optimisation. Wired Studio review technical SEO elements and test new techniques to improve the structure and relevance of an organisations website. The technical SEO review takes into account URL structures, service hierarchies, page tags and descriptions and content tagging and distribution. Each of these areas plays a role in ensuring that a website is set up optimally to compete in the search engines.

To be successful search engine marketing must be supported by a content and PR strategy including regular social media posting.

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